Travel professionals, suppliers, and industry experts all agree Avoya Travel is your Path to Success!

Avoya Travel has developed a cutting-edge vacation sales system that dramatically improves travel agents' sales and incomes. The professional development opportunities, technology, and support systems, such as Avoya's unique Live Leads™ program, give home-based agents everything they need to be successful. It is a privilege to watch Avoya Travel help so many professional Independent Travel Agents reach income levels that are often double or even triple the industry average. Vicki Freed
Senior Vice President of SalesRoyal Caribbean International

Avoya Travel provides our business with the support we need so that we can focus on what we love - selling vacations! With easy-to-use technology that enables us to make bookings from anywhere in the world to specialized professional development programs and community support, we have the flexibility to run our business, without doing it alone. Virtually all our clients are Live Leads from Avoya Travel - they do all the marketing and send the New Clients straight to our business and we get to watch our incomes rise! We're making even more money, setting our own hours, and living life how we want. If you're serious about selling travel, why not do just that? Focus on selling and outsource your marketing, accounting, group management, and more to the trusted experts at Avoya Travel! David Locke & Cindy Jabbour-Locke
Owners of Seize the Seas Agency,an Independent Agency in the Avoya Travel Network

When I first affiliated with Avoya Travel, I didn't know it was going to be the best business decision I have ever made. Their unbelievable professional development programs and Agent Power™ technology are always improving to keep me up-to-date so I can provide my clients with professional and efficient service. With supportive customer service and a strong community of peers, I feel like a family member and friend in the Avoya Travel Network. Being an Independent Agency in the Avoya Trvel Network has offered me the potential to achieve the income and lifestyle I only dreamed of, while owning my own independent business. Pepe Delgado
Owner of DELRU LLC,an Independent Agency in the Avoya Travel Network

I first decided to affiliate my independent business with Avoya Travel because of their Live Leads™ program. Getting new clients delivered directly to me based on my specialties seemed like all I needed to make my business successful. Once I experienced Avoya Travel's excellent sales support, motivating webinars, cutting-edge Agent Power™ technology, and more, I realized how far my host agency had exceeded my expectations. I am proud to be affiliated with Avoya Travel! Lisa Long
Co-owner of Luxury Vacations LLC, an Independent Agency in the Avoya Travel Network